Collaboration and Specialization

Blackwood CME believes that the foundation of success in medical education rests on these essential elements: Strategic and Educational Planning, Organizational and Project Structure, Development, Implementation, Staff Experience and Knowledge, and Business Development.

These essential elements require:


  • Client Goals and Expectations
  • Education Support Opportunities
  • Supporter Organizations and Contacts
  • Therapeutic Interest Areas
  • Grant Application Procedures and Component


  • Company-Specific Interest Areas
  • New Product Approvals
  • Grant Application Timelines

Document Composition

  • Client Educational Policy
  • Requisition and Collection of Grant Components
  • Grant Proposals Letters of Agreement (LOAs)
  • Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)
  • Enduring/Derivative Materials
  • Advocacy to Providers and Supporters
  • Status Reports


  • Educational Content
  • Provider Grant Components
  • Letters of Agreement (LOAs)
  • Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)
  • Policy Manuals, Statements
  • Satellite Symposia Guideline Review/Assistance
  • Application Compliance

Grant Submission

  • Application Preparation and Submission
  • Inquiry Response
  • Fee Processing & Collection
  • LOA Coordination
  • Reconciliation


  • Education and Management Activities
  • Education Scheduling
  • Project Timelines
  • Information Coordination – Organizations, Education Directors, Chairs, Committees
  • Grant Submissions
  • Fee Collection
  • Inquiry Response
  • On-line Activity Charting


  • Funding for Satellite Symposia and Other Educational Activities
  • Project  and Grant Application Component Information from Providers and other Sources

Tracking, Reporting

  • Grant and Satellite Symposia Proposals and Approvals
  • Supporter Application Status
  • Funding Status


  • Symposia, Other Activities
  • Competitive Activities

Program Development

  • Gap Analysis
  • Needs Assessment
  • Learning Objectives
  • Content Development
  • Faculty Coordination


  • Problem-solving, Solutions
  • Participation in Education and Planning Meetings
  • Outcome Evaluation
  • Intelligence Gathering, Research
  • Policy, Procedure, Regulation Guidance
  • Web Site Links


  • Create Provider  Awareness of Grant Application and Satellite Symposia Opportunities and Activities
  • E-mail Blasts, Web Site Listing, Phone Calls
  • Active Follow-up

Tangible Advantages / Record of Accomplishment

  • Assured Guideline Compliance
  • Need-based Learning Focus
  • Access to Qualified Faculty, CME Providers
  • Project Integration, Coordination, Communication – Supporters, Chairs, Committees
  • Outcome Evaluation and Interpretation
  • Repeat Activity Support
  • Status Reports